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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I was having a very interesting discussion with a close friend of mine, when she actually brought the discussion to an amazing question. She asked “What would be your Crushes if you were a girl?”Thankfully she allowed me to choose from the celebrities; otherwise it would have been so embarrassing for guys around me. Then on second thoughts this is a very interesting idea and here I declare it on my very own G & C. So here goes my 5 crushes, had I been a girl

1- George Clooney- He tops the list, the guy has a class that any guy would die for.

2- Tom Cruise- Well Tom Cruise is just Tom Cruise. Be it top gun, Jerry Maguire, or a Few Good Men. His style and attitude is simply amazing.

3- Arjun Rampal- Well he is one guy in India who I believe has killer looks.

4- Abhishek Bachan- Well I was really confused to chose his father or him but after Guru and Sarkar

5- Roger Fedrer- Well do I Need to say more about him.

Well so people this is my list of people I would have a Crush on if I was a girl. As a matter of fact, even as a guy these people are on my wanna be list.

As a bonus I add one more for all you ppl out there

6- Well this one is more famous than rest of the other and you can see for yourself

So now I make this a tag, If you are a guy blog about which 5 males you would have a crush on and if you are a gal which 5 females you would have a crush on. And I tag following people-







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