The High-Way to Drive

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dark and lonely it was, on the stretch of the road,
Quieter than usual, with the city in holiday mode.
The pathway was familiar, broad and wide,
Atmosphere unusually cool and wind was light.

The life was ecstatic, with fun all around,
And the two of them were homeward bound.
Fired with the youth and the rush of adrenalin,
And the gush of Alcohol flowing in the veins within.

The spokes of the wheel revolving so fast,
The smiles on their face were vast.
Running ahead of everyone, they felt so high
As if they were reaching up and above the sky.

Way ahead was bend a bit sharp,
His speed maneuver he decided to harp.
All they knew destiny had some alternate plans,
Incoming was a dumpster which they failed to glance.

Was it the folly of the youth or the effect of spirits,
The trajectory of path they couldn’t aptly fit.
What they never thought was about to be done,
Thinking about chances, they had none.

The two human figures rose high into the air,
As the wise main said, life is not always fair.
When they touched the ground, they hit so hard,
The two bodies broke with sounds that jarred.

The onlookers heard and came running by,
First-Aid & doctors were rushed, hoping some time to buy.
But the red elixir of life had flown without a stop,
The souls simply left the abode and the pusle had stopped.

The two fine boys in the prime of their time,
For nothing which would be called their crime.
Lost the most precious thing they ever had,
Were the two extra pegs worth for the lads?

I saw a horrible accident yesterday, freshly happened the bodies were still lying on the road. It made me write this.

In India 130,000 people die every year of road accidents which is 30.2% of people dying an un-natural death. Everyday on an average 250 people die in road accidents across this country, which is like a plane crash with no survivors and a mojor cause is Alcohol consumption while/prior to driving.
To set the perspective right the most hedious terrorist attack in India on 26/11 had a death toll of 173 people. If that was so huge imagine the rucus we are creating on our roads.
So from next time drive responsibily and Do not drink and drive.

I had troubles deciding the title of the posts and I actually asked a couple of people on my Gtalk list and they actually laughed it off, and suggested some titles. Alternate titles of the post-
1- Don't Laugh it Off
2- Here too High
3- High on Drive

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