10 Reasons why I like being on Twitter

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I have started using got myself addicted to twitter. As my humble self would assume that most of you would already know, yours truly was mentioned in Pune Mirror for tweeting his way to glory. Smita commented that she didn’t actually understand twitter. First answering your questions, Twitter is basically a social networking, Micro-blogging tool. Think of it as every user has a timeline, Now all the people you would follow would be added to your timeline and you would be added to everyone who is following you. Now People post 140 character long updates which get replicated on the timelines real time. The limit of 140 characters because add 20 characters of twitter username and you can fit the entire line in 1 single SMS. A lot of people use twitter over SMS especially outside India. Now your timeline is public (you have an option of making it private) you can also send private messages to people who follow you. You can mention other twitter user by preceding their twitter handles with an @ sign. You can interact with multiple people simultaneously using this feature. So that’s the long and short of twitter, come and try it for a while I am so sure you would fall in love with the concept.

Now coming back to my tweeting away with glory here are the 10 reasons why I like being on twitter.

1- It’s short, so there are time savings as compared to when you write long blogs. Actually given the fact that I post around 50 Tweets (7000 Character, Damn that’s longer than lot of my blog posts) in a day and check the tweets at thrice the frequency so I actually spend more time tweeting.

2- Given the short span of attention I have nobody, minds if two of my consecutive tweets are unrelated and totally irrelevant

3- Nobody minds my bad grammar and spelling mistakes, as people do on Blogs. They just think it is in an attempt to compress the message in 140 characters. Regular readers of the blog would acknowledge my struggle in keeping the blog spelling and typo error free and my failure despite idiotic support from MS Word Spell Check.

4- You can never miss a tweet and always ignore you don’t want to read.

5- I also get a lot of amazing one-liners to flaunt on my status message.

6- Another reason which makes twitter real fun is that almost none of my real life friends are very active on twitter except for Nikhil Narayanan. About him the damn guy is everywhere, he is like the online ghosts that can haunt you anywhere.

7- A lot of bloggers/celebrities I read/admire are actually on twitter and I get a chance to interact with people like Gautam Ghosh, Gul Panag, Anindita Sengupta, Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Shashi Tharoor

8- All the latest news sites are on twitter and the way the Mumbai terror attacks were covered on the twitter even by the normal people I am so convinced that you get better news than any news site/blog and television

9- I have found amazing friends on twitter @Crazytism, @Crucifire, @Brainstuck, @Radha_, @Reema226, @Suddentwilight, @Rush_me we laugh at each other, Drape some in saree, support others in popularity contests, share views opinions humor and a lot more than that. Life has been fun, after interacting with them surprisingly we are so different, almost never met, but still every morning as soon as we log in we have a question how our friends have been. If the essence of any social media is relationships I have got mine with them. If anyone of you is reading this (what the heck I will make you all read this) You tweeps Rock big time!!!!

10- In these life and times of a global recession everyone can do with some fun, I believe so can I.

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