Friday, January 27, 2006


The movie is a bit different from the league movie. Not the typical happy ending types and to me the most important thing it raises up the same question that lingers in my mind, "Why is the system, the way it is? Why the system is compromising on the standards of the country?" the point which is put across in the movie and it also haunts me sometime where is it going to end. The way innocent guys of college like us, who are just having fun in their life go out to kill a politician. The strange thing is that which movie high lights is that our generation next has adopted a lot of western ways, there are many pubs and lounge, more one night stands, more girls out in less of clothes...... But still there is the feeling of belongingness in them for the country. They say that they don't care about the country and want to go abroad to ettle there and many of them really do but most of them do come back when the country really calls them. The way the country is going has to change. The present students are the people who will make the country and run it tomorrow. And what the system is offering them- the lessons to bribe the local police officer and run your bikes without proper papers. The important issue is why the system is compromising on the standard of the young generations. We have been talking about the corporate big words the six sigma implementation. Are the processes in the institutes which are converting our youths to the talent pool in place. Are their proper hecks and balances in place that every child in india who goes through an education in India will get a minimum level of qualty education. The corruption is existant in every country in the world but the form and effect of corruption is very important. The corruption should not meddle with the basic infrastructure and amneties. The movie shows how an army officer crashes down in a mig and the minister blames him as a careless officer. The point is if a mig crashes of bad plane condition then also its the fault of the government processes which comes into making of the deals for the migs and their spare parts, and even if the pilot was not competent enough (which was not in the case of the movie) then also the processes of the government which were responsible for the selection and pilots accesibility of migs were defective and in both cases the govt is responsible.

The corruption is not only in the form where the bribes are taken and money is siphoned of from the taxes. The more dangerous form of teh corruption is when even after taking out money the work done is sub standard. No one bribes people to be lax at work but still train accidents keep on happening because the processes are not in place.

Overall the movie was very good and an eye opener kind. Which tells the extremities the corruption could lead and it also showed a possible dreadful end the way our system is going.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It's not always you feel something like this, a new experience, six people first time an unexplored city and one whole night. It's not always you have days like this in your life. Destiny is something which changes almost everythig. Sometimes an impulse change your outlook. There is so much unpredictable about life. Somethings you never expect and they happen, and other times you don't even think about a thing and they change all the equations of your life. As Richard Bach has said life is nothing but the choices you make, every choice you make changes your life by a great extent. Sitting on a small corner amidst smoke of burning cigarettes a voice cracks an idea and whole life changes for all the listeners and the speakers. The people who wouldn't have known each other more than their names, would know each other to an extent that they would never forget each other and the night. "Lets have some fun" a line as simple like that can have so much change in the lives of people is really unimaginable. Life is strange and it really is...
The clock was ticking to Celine Deon's tunes singing a new day but the fun for the people had not yet begin, the joy of speed was coming over them and the some lives were about to change. The half crescent moon shining the way for them being their better half for the journey on the day of life. The silence of the night was constantly being challenged by the roaring of the engines, and the flowing adrenaline. The first halt was rather unexpected when the one of the roaring spirits needed some more spirit to fuel the journey ahead.
One thing which I generally like about the stones in my way is that when I cross them they become my milestones. The first milestone was formed over the barriers of silence over some hot steaming brew, and the darkness about other ceding over the temptation of exploring life. The aroma of the place went across the minds and thoughts of the people, laughing heart out over a spilled coffee. The life takes jinx when the old meets the new and the next stop arised unimaginable. The little riding experience over the dead man's lane, the first time of the pushes with the heels, the slow and noisy turning of the wheels of fortune, making new friends. The little laugh and scolding for the missing blinking lights, everything to be known and exploring still more to know. Sometimes standing beside the closed gate can be the key to wide open gates of heart. The chemistry amidst started in the cafe and was running express with the darkness being fought by little twinkling lights and the sudden flash like lightning making the memories for the lifetime. The smoke flowing over and above burning coal and the sweet smell of the peach fruit made the whole area an enlightened stage to host stories of life. With some stories being hosted the other stories were made. The presence of each other was never lively before ever and every minute was a new choice wrting the new chapters in life. The still in the spirits were not tolerable to the destiny when the ride back to discover the new arenas was falling into place. The little games of life are amazing, the all different piece were being fitted all into the place. The little mouths speaking the truth and the lies, whatever the mouth did spoke but the luck was in for a Bingo. Strange questions of life are never understood but some times the stranger answers for thequestions are. The night had everything in store for them conmfort, fun, frolic, a small party and an experience of a life time. The night which felt like an unending past through in all this frenzy ended so quickly that all the twist and turns in the life were felt like they flew past by. The night had ended and the rays of dawn were lighting the whole world. There was a moment when everyone turning back to different worlds in their hearts and minds knowing for sure the night would come back........... The fun would start again and cross over to set new milestones. Strangers were now friends. Adieu!!!!!!

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