Virtues of Cynical Mind

Friday, September 26, 2008

This was a tag started by Bhai with Chai and I read it first on Nidhi’s Blog. This is not a proper tag and how it has been propagated is a different story. The idea was to relate it to incidents happened to you correlating these values, Bhai wanted to us to pick up one value, Nidhi didn’t specified to do so. So to make this post a bit of my kind I will skip the stories which just might sound like the MiracleNet televesion where they come up with sound like he is so humble etc etc.

I tried to think a lot and I remembered a lot of stories correlating to a lot of values have actually made me think of about them in a particular way. I will try to put in words what I think of these values which more or less define a moral scorecard of a person. The readers are cautioned that the post is produced by yours truly’s cynical self. So it represents the biased view of the world and is not meant to be taken too seriously.

1. Respect: is like short selling you have to spend before you can earn any.

2. Flexibility: is the argument to make you do things you didn’t wanted to in the first place.

3. Love: is like a Long Island Ice Tea; a very quick and elongated emotional high.

4. Trust: is the first step for getting betrayed

5. Confidence: is the thin rope lining for one to balance. Need just the right amount; over or under and you’re gone

6. Generosity: is the sentiment of the bullish markets where everyone feels they are rich.

7. Mercy: is the virtue which can be only possessed by the powerful

8. Obedience: Is the fear of crossing the line & the consequences of it.

9. Patience: glorified procrastination

10. Caring: is the feeling which makes you a child again.

11. Assertiveness: is a way to say no in a way that people like it.

12. Forgiveness: is the inability to take actions against.

13. Excellence: is a perennial tryst where the bar is always raised up and above.

14. Responsibility: is one which generally precedes the blame.

15. Orderliness: Monica Chandler Bing!!!!!

16. Justice: Capitalism

17. Enthusiasm: is a depreciating asset, enthusiasm for most part loses its value with time.

18. Honesty: or Truth is the bully we all pretend to like (From Shantaram)

19. Peace: George Bush & Laden locked in the same room

20. Creativity: is immeasurable and non comparable

21. Honor : Ability to stand up for own respect.

22. Humility: is the hot IPO which everyone wants to subscribe and sell it as soon as it lists. Only few buy & hold.

23. Reliability: is the ability to stand up for other’s expectation.

24. Detatchment: is moving on in life without being tied to possessions and peoples

25. Unity: is a virtue which surfaces in the tough times.

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It is a very sad state of affairs when you write something romantic and you have no one to dedicate it to. Enough insights of my romantic life, so here I dedicate this poem to all the lovely ladies on whom I have had crushes on any point of time, to all the cute chicks with whom I have or tried to flirt at any point of time in my life and especially to those who have had or expressed a fickle of romantic interest in me. So all the damsels (okies; married woman too) this one is for-

Whispers of your voice echoing in my breath,
The sounds of your silence loose me in their depth,
The reflections of innocence in your eyes,
Leaves me wondering; to steal glances or to pry.

The shimmer of your smile makes my heart skip a beat,
The chimes of your laughter and my mind loses the streak,
The healing touch of your hands,
Sends down in me innocuous breathless pangs.

The rhythm of your walk makes the music of my heart beats,
The tinge of your sparkling earrings makes the language I speak,
Your batting eyelashes showing the glances of glory,
Keeps me alive on the hope to live my own dream and story.

Destiny tells me; my roots would be you giving life to the tree,
Enticing my trapped soul to wander and be free,
Sparkling light would be you for shadows of darkness on me,
Little drops of joy on the deserts you would be.

The wait for changing seasons is the fate of the sowed,
The desire for your loving glance and every moment it grows,
I know your destined to habitate my heart’s abandoned city
For that moment of love I will, I will wait for you till eternity.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recently I was to shift base from Hyderabad to Pune for a period of three months. All those who are exclaiming in the shrill piercing baritones “AGAIN!!!!”. Yes my dear friends yet again and this time to take some enjoyment out of this transfer process and during the course of the transfer; I decided drive from Hyderbad to Pune. Though my mom freaked out on the idea and her constant pestering made me hire a driver for the route. But I drove all the way from Pune and the driver was a jerk who made my trip a disaster.

I was supposed to traverse the green route and he made me drive on the Red one which had not eating joints in the middle. Being the non highway road the ride was very very bumpy for some Km. I actually drove the first five hundred kms without the break. You jerk if you are reading this you lucky that I didn’t killed you for this. I took you for navigation and directions and that where you screw up. I don’t like this.

But the whole experience of driving on such a journey all alone and such a stretch was just awesome, When I entered Pune I was starved exhausted and almost dead. But still I loved the trip.Life ROcks

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have decided to change the about me section of my Blog. I was quiet a bored of the present one which has been there since the inception of this blog. It was actually relevant till I was doing my post graduation but then more out of laziness I just added one line to make it relate to my current phase of life. However Now that I have decided that I will be making this as my personal blog, I decided to remove the professional me out of here. So here goes what used to be About me in my Blog-
A lone son, an argumentative Indian, A loyal freind, an ardent admirer, a dreamer, a believer, and an egoist. Went through the process of being an nasty engineer, and a cynical MBA. Now a k(NO)w-it-all IT Consultant

To replace this I came up with this-

I am someone,
I am the lost page from the chronicles of Time,
I am the lost note of the music divine,
I am the lost aroma which is fleeting smell,
I am the lost piece which the Jigsaw puzzle compels,
I am the lost word which completed the book of truth,
I am the lost map for the fountain of youth,
I am the lost droplet in raindrops & dew,
I am the lost breath fighting for survival,
I am the lost civilization hoping revivals,
I am the lost king amidst the battle,
I am the lost spectator in this babble,
I am the lost soul searching eternity,
I am the lost link of the human fraternity,
I am someone.

But then I ended it on a very different note.

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