Monday, July 21, 2008

When you look back towards the years spent one finds the life, that there have been series of practical lessons people who have been important at some point in life. I here jot down some of friends who have made me learnt some very important lessons in my life.
•Shantanu- Always stand by your friend, no matter what!
• Ankit- Live every moment to its maximum
•Prince- When you are aspiring for the best, its hard work that makes the difference not the talent
•Shubhajeet- My will I can.
•Wagas- Sometimes it just matters that someone is there doing nothing, but still there for you.
•Sripati Sah- Do everything in life but never loose focus.
•Ravi Mishra- Lust and Liquor can outweigh closest friendships
•Rohan- Sometimes it is better to let go things than to cling on them
•Priya- To trust someone is the fist step to getting betrayed
•Aditya Shekhar- Some people remain beyond the purview of rationale & logic
•Anupam Pathak- No situation in life so worse that you can’t laugh at it
•Shubhadeep Sarkar – How to be a perfect diplomat
•Namit Srivastava- Attitude does count a lot
•Deepti- There can be another line of thought apart from my own
•Somendra Chaubey- The best time to have faith on people is when they are loosing it on themselves
•Reena- Never take a stand but still communicate what I want
•Sumeet- Being ethical
•Sumit- How to do what you think is right.
•Vishay- Being professional and leading from front
•Vikram- How to be nice yet truthful always
•Praveen- Focus Focus & Focus.
•Neha- Sometimes its just a few lines and a smile which can win friends for a lifetime
•Ruchi – Being practical and emotional at the same time
•Mahashweta- Being happy go lucky might win you friends but also lead you to ultimate chaos
•Arindam – Playing Squash
•Vikash, Anoop, Sid, Balli, Saurabh, Rahul – Sometimes a lot of things can happen over silly little nothings
•Nikhil Narayanan – Blogging and Standing up to take the onus to bring changes about things which are not justified.

To everyone who has contributed beautifully to my life. Thanks a lot. And here I tag Vinni & Nik.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Equity Linked Honeymoon Scheme

What happens when people start investing in a stock market with an objective to sponsor something from the gain? One of my friends suggested an interesting case study when we were discussing about how to plan honeymoons by investing in equity markets. This is how his story




In the bedroom (started investing on regular basis)


Kullu Manali (Invested More)


Goa (Invested still more)


Kerala (90% Salary in ELHS)


Malaysia Singapore (All the saving invested)


Switzerland (Switzerland main.... took loans and invested)


Australia & New Zealand (Life Rocks, I am super rich)


Europe Tour 7 Days (Richer)


Europe Tour 15 days(Richest)


Dubai & Middle East (Minor hic-cups)


Hongkong (Market would recover)


Maurituis(For sure)


Bangkok /Thailand (I will buy and hold, still time for Honeymoon)


Nepal (Too late to sell)


Kerala (Should I sell at loss ?????)


Rajasthan/Mount Abu (lost almost everything desperate sell out started)


Everyday is honeymoon in the bedroom

Any takers for the scheme…….. ?????

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10 Reasons to Avoid Marriage

As you would already know from here that my family, extended family and the further extensions of my extended family is all set for the herculean task of getting me married. Interestingly every one I seem to meet has a piece of advice about how should I choose my spouse. The most discussed topic in the purview of my marriage is to take a call between a homemaker and working wife. So here I present a brief extract I got from the discussions happening around me-
5 Reasons not to marry a Homemaker
1- How will she manage to mingle with your circle of professional friends as your friends are blood sucking corporate honchos and they will eat her alive.
2- She would be financially dependent upon you increasing your burden which is actually true as I feel that I am a burden on myself courtesy P.Chidambram for ever increasing inflation and my company’s compensation & benefits team for a meager hike.
3- She would sit back in the house whole day and will watch the KKapoors Saas Bahu Serials and when you come back home the only thing you will get to hear is “Aaj Tulsi ne Mihir ke liye Chole Chawal Banaye
4- The major discussion would revolve around the Super Woman aka Kaam Wali Bai (Housemaid) about which you would have no interest to hear until you have something like Rakhi Sawant kneeling to clean the floor.
5- The kitty parties which would become a common event would haunt you with new jewelry demands and with ever increasing commodity prices might lead you to act bearish in the bullish markets.

5 Reasons not to marry a working woman-

1- She will be very driven towards her career, will not take care of you and she will spend all of her time in office. Yeah absolutely right she will be off to her office at 6’o clock well before I wake up (well any time she would go would actually be before I wake up) and will come only after 2 in the night when I would have slept.
2- She will bore you all day (whatever part of it she is in the house) with her office gossip. You know things like aaj mere office main peon ki Billi mar gayi and his boss sang this song for him, there is something fishy between them I am so sure.
3- She would have male friends which would be a source of trouble; when I always though that her female friends might cause greater troubles making me play Ross Geller.
4- She would time share you laptop to check important mails and you will have to bow to thy request and will also consume the bandwidth you use to play online games and watching you tube videos
5- She would interrupt you in buying gadgets & cars for indulging in Buy & hold positions for depreciating assets in the bullish markets.

So eventually I have 5 not so perfect reasons not to marry a home-maker and 5 not so perfect reasons for not to marry a working woman. Moms, Relatives & the jeevansaathi-dot-coms of the world you got any third types??? Bring it on ;-)

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Google Ad(Non)Sense

This was the context sensitive add posted on my profile.
Yeah I know what you all are thinking Jeez U folks get a life. This is an ad link for some crappy movie site which apparently seems to have no connection with yahoo. How fair is to promote some site like this by Google which infringes someone else's brand name

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Destroying a Man

Recently I watched a 1995 flick and a quote actually amazed me by their aptness and forced me to write on one of the most clich├ęd topics. The movie is called Before Sunrise and the quote is

“Jesse: Maybe there are some biological things at work here. If you had an island and there were 99 women on the island and only one man in a year you would have the possibility of 99 babies but if you have an island with 99 men and only one woman in a year you have a possibility of only one baby.

Celine: You know what? On this island I think there were only be 43 men left because they would have killed each other trying to fuck this poor woman. And on the other island there would be 99 women, 99 babies and no more men because they would have all gotten together and eaten him alive.

Jesse: See I think there is something to that...I think on some level I don't think women mind the idea of destroying a man.

I know I am going to get a lot of feminism crap from some femin-is-it friends of mine. Here goes a list of men who got destroyed directly or indirectly for the great cause called women in chronological order.

Ravana - The mighty dude he fell for a dame, who was the wife of mythological Super-human hunk, and his downfall started with the diversification from regular administration & governing business to kidnapping. Fortunately for the BJP the business worked; the super-human hunk erected a bridge over the Indian Ocean and set Ravana’s Kingdom and backside on fire.

Duryodhan- he got the run for all his money because of his attempt to rip off the saree of his cousin sister in law. Result he was ripped of all his money, brothers, relatives and obviously out of the Kingship business.

Bill Clinton- Mr. President couldn’t keep control over his tongue and got into a habit of locking it at places with this dame called Lewinsky. Almost got impeached and slammed down brakes and passed over his entire career to another dame, Hilary for saving his backside.

Salman Khan & Vivek Oberoi- poor kids of the block got into cat fight for the damsel in distress. The damsel ran without stress for someone who had better press.

Phaneesh Murthy- The dude had an Infy-nite career opportunities but got stuck on dame led him self from Infy-nite from the exit iGATE.

Nicolas Sarkozy – Fell for the sweet voice and the sweeter looks. The dude wanted all of her the dame had things which were different on her mind. The man of public got his dame on the covers for the public. However her nude portrait is being sold at £45,000

Nitish Katara- The stud boy fell for a dame. Got chopped, sliced and got into grind. However the dame says she never had him in the mind.

So I totally believe with what Jesse said; from now no more girls for this guy. Well will apply this after this flight as the airhostess is so cute. Wait she is smiling back… to u later…. :-)

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