5 Types of People who I want them to leave me alone- Online

Friday, May 15, 2009

My post today have been 5 irritating kind of people I do not want to meet online. Social Media and Networking has been a great avenue opener in my life. A large chunk of my social interaction has been limited through this medium, be it real friends or virtual friends. Everything has an upside as well as downside; same thing goes with virtual networking as well.

Here I talk about 5 kinds of people I do not like to interact with.

1- The Bootylicious Man-Makers - Well you have nice display picture flaunting your silicon powered assets, and you promise me a lifetime remembering ecstasy which actually make me a man. I tell you I have been genetically made a man and it was stamped right there after detailed verification on my brith certificate by a qualified MD-MBBS doctor around 27 years back. So I am not sure if you can take man and make a man out of him, what I am sure of is that you can take a man and make a fool out of him. And regarding your blissful ecstasies I would like to tell you a secret, We had a server during college where we had approximately 200 GB porn which was neatly classified on the basis of Ethnicity, age, postures and level of grossness. So the thing is I hardly used/downloaded that collection then and I am not really interested in the bootylicious ecstasies you want me to offer. So Man-Makers of the world please excuse.

2- The Rich Philanthropists- So you got the key to make money, that too sitting at home, using internet. Awesome, that’s so good for you. So well, if you are so happy about it go tell it to Bill gates, Warren Buffet, or Larry Ellison they would be so happy to buy you out, poor people seem to be always struggling to make more money. Who you should not come to is Prats, you know actually the dumb guy really hates you. He will never ever make money, but you know what he is like that so please leave him alone.

3- The Make-You-Biggers- This a latest addition in the area of Internet Technologies. They are the Search Engine Optimizers who can make you rich though you blog. They can help you make money through Adsense. SEO’s of the world my single request to you, do you actually see an adsense on my blog. Yes I do not display ads on my blog, and no its not because of my ignorance of google adsense or inability to comprehend search engine optimization, If I could write device drivers for Linux in CPP 7 years back I am sure I would be able to figure out SEO. So please the adsense is not on my blog for a reason and please don’t spam me with an expectation that I would change it.

4- The Promoters- Oh man you people I don’t hate you. I love the fact that you are entrepreneurs, and I admire the fact and you have recently launched a new site which is nothing less than Rocket science and can change the word for me. It illicit my interest only to a level that you can leave a message and link, if you want a feedback say so and ask for it. Don’t expect me that I would fall in love with as much as you do and would like to talk about it day in and day out. After all you are the one who would get the money on the IPO not me right, so let’s keep your excitement limited to yourself.

5- The Spammers- Well everybody knows them and hates them, but still for the sake of clarity I restate that I am not interested in helping any Nigerian prince, or the poor girl who is 5 since last 10 years or the special photo that would bring me luck or the jerks who keep telling my about walk in interviews, selling me Viagra and genuine fake Rolex watches. Please get a life and let me get some.

Posted by Prats at 12:00 AM