Meri Kahani Numbers Ki Zubani

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tanu tagged me where I actually have to relate my life through numbers and given the NaBloPoMo It’s a good time to do any Tags. So here is Meri Kahani Numbers Ki Zubani-

1- I have had 1 major accident where I badly injured my left arm. The bones were shattered and the doctor was contemplating if he needed to cut my arm. Thankfully he didn’t have to and I am still alive and have both my arms intact but the doc had to perform a complex surgery to actually reassemble all my bones which had broken into multiple pieces and fit the things with steel chips/plates which actually fell out and were left at the accident site. And yes the accident was that I fell of from the bicycle when the a city Bus hit me from behind.

2- My current laptop is my 2nd Laptop. I have been in love with my gadgets and the computer name for my first lappy was Frisky and for this one it is Maverick.

3- I had 3 places to work as an option when I passed out of my engineering. But I joined none of them.

4- Whenever I leave home I generally carry 4 things, My 2 phones, Ipod and my Sun Glasses. Another thing about 4 is I learned to drive bikes when I was in class 4th (No I didn’t flunked any classes, I was just taller then too)

5- I have a Hyundai i10 right now and this is my 5th Personal Vehicle.

6- I have lived in 6 cities till now- Kanpur, Jhansi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai.

7- I carry 7 cards in my wallet at all points of time- 3 Credit Cards, 2 Debit Cards, Pan Card, Office Parking Card.

8- It has been 8 years for me since I moved out of my home, away from my parents.

9- My birth date has been 9th and my parents tell me that when I was born there was no sun in the sky for 9 days.

10- I have a shoe size of 10

That was interesting. And I do not tag anyone specifically, anyone who thinks he/she is a number person like I am, take the tag.

Posted by Prats at 7:52 AM