Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Every time I see Top Gun which is one of my all time favorite movies, one scene makes me nostalgic, when during the second hop Maverick is defeated by Jester and all the Top Gun Pilots are in the Washroom-

Goose: At least Viper got Iceman before he got us. We still got a shot at it.

Maverick:It was stupid I know better than that. It will never happen again

Goose: I know (Gets up)

Goose: I know......

Thats the kind of confidence which marks unbelievable friendship. I am one of the few lucky guys who got a chance to be trusted like goose did Maverick.
Thanks Waggy, for being there, saying I know with you I can never meet an accident, sitting at abnormal speeds with me, and always believing in me.

Posted by Prats at 11:51 PM