Happy New Year 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Year 2008 has been a year of a high flying roller coaster ride. A year of stagnation but still a great leap. A year of nihllence but still a year of two greatest milestones I wanted to achieve personally. This is going to be a brand new year, a year of new hopes, a year of new aspirations, a year of new goals and a year of struggle to acheieve them. It a bit to too late to say, but I want it to be another happy new year.

Things I want to Accomplish this year-

1- Loose weight- I really have to start loosing some weight. Life has been very irregular since I have come to pune where sports and exercises are concerned and very very regular where brownies, cakes and sweets are concerned. The bottomline is that because of this I have put on quiet some weight which I need to shed till march. Increase the overall fitness and immunity level by the end of the year.

2- New books- I have took a hit down in my reading habits lately and I need to bring that back upto my last years level of 60-75 books a year.

3- Finances- Manage my finances, cut on free spending I generally do.

4- Reach The Next phase in my career- I have to achieve the next milestone in my career invariably. I have reached a stage where I feel that another year doing the same thing would actually be hindering my long term career path.

5- Call back all of my friends at least once a month- I have been such a lousy and lazy guy, that I alwasy miss to call back my friends. This year I will be regualar and prompt to call all you guys back.

Posted by Prats at 4:18 PM