Question Meme

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I found this interesting link which asks questions about 10 people you mention. So here are the ten question and the answers I gave-

1. Does Sumeet have any pets?
No I don't think he likes Animals.

2. Who is Vikram's best Friend?
Shreya, I think so.

3. Would you love to read Bhatia's very personal diary?
No,If it is Bhatia's there would be nothing personal in it.

4. Would you open a mystery gift Reena just gave you, without much hesitation?
I am sure of Reen's ka choices in everything

5. What's Ankit's opinion on cheese?
Loves it absolutely

6. What would Aditi not be caught dead in?
A state where she is without her handbags, accessories, hair properly done and absolutely branded clothes.

7. In a race between you, Praveen and Reena, who would win?
Praveen, Reena would come last as she would be wearing stiletto which would hurt even while walking and I am a fat-ass so won't run fast.

8. What would you do if Shantanu and Ankit were going out?
Join them for the blast, what else?

9. Name something you have in common with Deepti?
Books, books & a lot of other things for which she will kill me if I disclosed here

10. Can Neha be a bad influence?
Naaah!! She is too kiddo to be bad!!

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