Saturday, May 31, 2008

1 Year in the System

I have completed one year in the system. The most interesting question in front of me right now is should I mourn or celebrate.

Interestingly a year before I used to be a focussed guy; with a planned life and now have a look-

  • Who am I? An aspiring Business Development Executive or a Growing Supply Chain Consultant
  • Where I am? Pune (My Base Location- total stay 3 weeks) or Hyderabad (I am here on a short term transfer for past 6 months)
  • What am I doing? Preparing for sales roles or Getting billed for my company
  • What is my area of Expertise? Marketing (My MBA Major) or Supply Chain Planning (My area of work)
  • What am I learning? How to sell IT Services or Oracle ASCP
  • Motivation? Organization's Policies or Self Respect for the work that bears my name
  • Passion? IT Sales or Custom Components
  • Parameters for best place to work? Productivity & Recognition or Gymnasiums & Fountains
  • What drives me to work early on Monday Mornings? Awesome work that lies ahead or the parking space on the lower floor in the car park.
  • Who is more important? Employees or the Buildings
There are million questions in my mind of similar nature. I know I am totally confused but if anyone of you could provide answers to this poor soul. Answers Anyone????

Posted by Prats at 11:40 PM